Thank you to all volunteers!

The community turned out in force to demolish the old roller rink making way for the new community performing arts center in Scotts Valley.   Thank you to all the volunteers who have given so much time and energy to this magnificent project. 

Rick Bowen
Rick Boynton
Rick Modlin
Roary Bolt
Robbie Olson
Robert Hyatt
Robert Johnson
Robert Riley
Rod Atchley
Rollie Day
Rory Bateman
Rory Bolt
Rosemary Vukich
Ruby Shields
Sara Czarnecki
Sarah Sanders
Seamus Ruiz-Earle
Sequoia Jones
Shannon Cullem-Chipman
Skip Epperson
Stefan Imai
Stephen Ferro
Steve Bogner
Steve Capasso
Steve Jonsson
Steven Ignatowicz
Sue Dalis
Suzanne DeLeon
Teresa Grote
Terica Pratt
Terry Lipscomb
Theron Miller
Thuey Rebhahn
Tim Brown
Tim Woods
Tina Andes
Tony Lee
Tony Varni
Travis Bennett
Trevor Allan Bass
Trish Melehan
Troy Snyder
Val  Rebhahn
Vanessa Chavez-Bellamy
Vicki Knipe
Vickie Mader
Victorius Alexander
Wes Brazil
William Lim
William Morris
William Zury

Volunteering is easy! 

Join us as we work together to make the Scotts Valley Performing Arts Center a reality. All skill levels are welcome;  let us know how you might like to help! 

There are also opportunities within the organization to help with fundraising, grant writing, event planning, marketing, and much more.

Simply give us a call (831) 345-1907 or email at  to be placed on our mailing list.  

Come join the fun!

Volunteering is Fun!

Ken Mendenhall
Kenneth Schulze
Kent Chara
Larry Cuprys
Larry Hardison
Larry Samonek
Larry Taylor
Leanne Coach
Lee Besse
Lee Vamade
Leeann Gray
Lilian Kleynen
Luca Stubbe
Madison Romero
Marc Bryant
Marcelo Siero
Marco Kuaternik
Mark Brannon
Mark Hogland
Marnae Taylor
Marshall Wolf
Martine Mahoudeau
Maryjo Epperson
Matt Taylor
Matthew Johnson
Max Chambers
Max Waetz
Michele Sparrow
Mike Martin
Mike Matthews
Mike Smith
Milo Rudman
Nancy Hoffman
Neil Pacella
Nicholas Nicosia
Oscar Rojas
Pam McCoy
Patti Malone
Paula Neef
Peter Chandler
Peter Lindberg
Peter Nowell
Peter Woodward
Philip Hash
Qun Qun Koo
Rachel Clift
Ray Gorski
Ray Jay
RB Lathrop
Reed Santee
Rene Besse
Rick Bothelho

Mission:  Committed to community enrichment through the development and management of a performing arts facility.

Spotlighting our Awesome Volunteers!

Edward Sims-Johnson
Eileen Shea
Elise Whisler
Elleda Spitzer
Eric Mack
Eric Rebhahn
Erica Stevens
Erica Stevens
Ethan Breckenridge
Eugene Bustichi
Frank Harris
Fred Baker
Gabriel Kronisch
Gail Penniman
Gary Edwards
Gary Pancharian
Glenn Soma
Gloria Carruthers
Greg Pellemeier
Heather Algaard
Heidi Woodmansee
Isabel Negrete
Jaleh Gerami
James Anderson
James D. Neef
Jannea Varni
Jasmin Carrigg
Jason Bennett
Jeanette Dawson
Jeanette Larkin
Jeff Bailey
Jeff Pesack
Jeff Swan
Jeffrey Stone
Jennifer Scicluna & Clay
Jesse Maurier
Jesus Urbieta
Jim Dugger
Jim Kelly
Jim Melehan
Joe Wishart
John Ficarra
John Franich
John Kent
John McMillan
John Neef
Julia Mook
Karen Clift
Karen Stebbins
Karl Krohnrkemper
Katie Boe
Ken Fein

What does it take to be part of the Scotts Valley Performing Arts Center Project?  Just an interest in hanging out with a bunch of interesting people and a willingness to get involved…and maybe get a little dirty.  Volunteering at is a great way to contribute your skills and experiences to the Theatre, to gain insight into the inner workings of our organization, meet creative people, and develop new skills.

Volunteers have been the life blood of The Community Performing Arts Center Project.  Thanks to the contributions of almost 200 volunteers we have saved over a quarter million dollars on construction and equipment costs.  Most of the volunteer work done so far has involved crowbars and sledge hammers.  Don’t let that scare you. We have literally had folks from 8 to 80 involved.

We are always looking for people who would like to get involved.  There is much more to do and it doesn’t always involve swinging a hammer.  There are opportunities to help in fund raising, marketing, and social media.  When the theater is completed we will need volunteers to manage operations.